A special message from ATC

Thank you for your commitment to Actor's Theatre of Charlotte's move to a new home.   The support of our friends and family has been extremely encouraging.   Unfortunately, we will not be moving to 933 Louise Avenue.   We were unable to come to lease terms with our potential landlords.  The construction company we were working with closed, which delayed our timeline dramatically.   Negotiations were cordial, but we could not find an acceptable middle ground.
We are of course disappointed, we were excited about joining the Belmont neighborhood, but we are not discouraged!  We are currently weighing our options and will be in touch soon regarding our future plans.
So, what does this mean to you, our donors and ticket buyers?   Obviously we will not be asking you to make payments towards your pledges until we have determined the next steps.   Once we have made that determination, it is your discretion as to how you would like to proceed.   If you have already made a gift towards the building, those funds are being held in a restricted fund and will only be used towards our long term home.   If you would like to redirect those funds to general operating, we are happy to do that as well.
If you have purchased a Flex Pass for Season 28, those funds are restricted to the production of the season.   We are committed to producing an amazing season of theatre and should have news regarding the dates and location of our next production in the upcoming weeks.  The closing on our current home has been delayed, so for now, we will still be working out of the Stonewall Street location.
Please rest assured that the proper stewardship of your gifts and faith is of utmost importance. The board and staff of Actor's Theatre of Charlotte is carefully considering what our next steps will be and we will keep you informed as we proceed.   We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of transition.
What else can you do help ATC?  Spread the word! Reach out to your corporate, government, and community leaders, reach out to your friends, and tell them how important theatre is to this community. We will still need resources to re-purpose a long term home.  We will still need funds to help us produce exceptional, contemporary work.   You are our best advocates. Thank you for your continued support.

Please consider a gift to help support the future of ATC HERE!



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