Message from Executive Director, Chip Decker


Hello and welcome to season 30 here at ATC! We have an amazing season in store for you, one that we are very proud of. It will be a season of celebration and the power of perseverance. How does one overcome adversity? In all of our shows, we show many ordinary people doing extraordinary things to overcome the struggles before them, some though laughter, some through tears, many through music and the simple belief in love and truth.

And the reason why I felt compelled to create a season of perseverance was due in no small part as a celebration not only of being a growing theatre company for 30 seasons, but to pay respect to the perseverance of everyone responsible for helping to keep ATC going for those 30 years and helping us to secure a future as the new Resident Theatre Company At Queens University.

Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” My grandmother might have defined it has being as “hardheaded as a mule”, but by whichever definition you prefer, there has been a great deal of mule-headed perseverance displayed around this company over the last 20 months.

ATC was very much on the precipice of closing our doors a very short time ago. Progress takes its toll, and life continues to weigh in with contradictory opinions even when you think you may have it all figured out. (Especially when you think you have it all figured out.) But, thanks to a little stubbornness and perseverance, we have made it to season 30.

So some thanks are due. Thank you to an incredible staff who weathered furloughs, reduced salaries, 18 hour days, 3 moves (you think moving your house or apartment is a drag? Try a theatre!) and the spectre of losing not only their jobs forever, but the company they helped build.

Thanks to the ATC Board of Directors. Calm heads in the face of adversity are an amazing thing.

Thanks to the founding members of ATC especially Dan Shoemaker and Janet Isenhart whose perseverance in the early days was unmatched.

Thanks to all of our area Actors, Designers, Directors and Stage Crews, whose patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated. Many of you either gave of your time or returned your paychecks to help ensure ATC’s future.

Thanks to all of the volunteers and professionals who have given of their time and expertise from Ushering to graphic design and everything in between.

And finally, Thanks to all of our Silver Star donors, the building fund donors, our patrons and ticket buyers. We asked you to hang in there with us. We drug you all over Charlotte on our “New Places, New Spaces, New Faces” tour (and many of you made it to all the venues!) and all the while, you hung in with us, you believed in ATC with your attendance and wallets. That is perseverance. My Grandmother would still say you are hardheaded but she would also give you the best grandma hug ever!

Now, with all that said, we still need continued financial perseverance to get us back up to full speed and getting our legs underneath us fully once again, and knowing that a company that needs support must present a season that deserves support, I EXCITEDLY present to you our Season 30 (30!!!!!) , an amazing season of shows for you to sink your teeth into, each selection feature stories and characters that all display the finest examples of unfettered perseverance.

With love and mule-like hardheadedness,

Chip Decker
Executive Director

Mission Statement

The mission of Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte is to connect with people through the presentation of bold and innovative new works by contemporary playwrights who share our respect for language and humanity.

We are the region’s leading professional theatre company dedicated to programming exclusively for mature audiences.