A Message from Chip Decker, Artistic Director

27 years. A little over a quarter of a century. Tempus fugit, my friends. Gas was 0.97 cents a gallon and George Bush Sr. was elected President. The Berlin wall came crashing down as the Exxon Valdez went crashing to shore. We met The Simpsons, Harry Met Sally and Ted Bundy met his maker. We were jamming to Phil Collins and The Bangles, while we played with our first Nintendo Game Boy. The first 24 Global Positioning satellites (GPS) were placed in Orbit (driving future motorists into lakes) and Microsoft introduced its first Office suite, (driving future computer users up walls). And while Jerome Robbins’ Broadway won the Tony Award for Best Musical, a small theatrical seed of a theatre company was being planted in Charlotte, North Carolina. And like the famed hurricane Hugo, both would take Charlotte by storm. (Ok, a much slower moving storm, but a storm none the less!)

Actor’s Theatre was founded on the idea of bringing bold, new and innovative works to Charlotte. A pretty crazy idea given that at the time, Charlotte was pretty much the Buckle in the Bible Belt, and words like “Bold” and “Innovative” tended to make folks ‘round these parts, a wee bit nervous. Also, the founders, Dan Shoemaker and Janet Isenhart felt it was important that the artists, actors and technicians, should be paid for their skills. Granted, it did not make anyone rich, but it did let them know they were valued for their skill and professionalism.

27 years later, the mission still holds true. We take pride in the shows we have produced and the in the ones we have yet to create. We take stock of our patrons, donors and lifelong supporters who have followed us from sitting in an audience of two, to attending sold out shows. We are deeply grateful for the support, kindness and trust we have received from individuals and organizations who have entrusted us to keep the vision alive. From the North Carolina Arts Council, to the nationally known and honored Arts and Science Council, from The Women’s Impact Fund to The Mancini Foundation and from people like Michael Lakoff who made our first new play commission possible (Southern Rapture) to Kathy and Mike Mulvaney and George Sella, who, quite honestly, made everything else possible. And to each of you, taking the time to read this and spend at our “home”, thank you. The saying goes, “It takes a village” and we have been truly blessed with one of the finest villages out there.

So, in return for your amazing support and generosity for the past 27 seasons, I am thrilled to present to each of you, a season of “Bold, New and Innovative works” that I am sure you will be thoroughly entertained with. And now, on with the show.

All The Best!

Chip Decker
Artistic Director
Actor's Theatre of Charlotte