Dramatic Writing Classes

Actor's Theatre of Charlotte focuses on contemporary work, which means work written by writers of this century.  Without the writer, there is no show.   Whether you are just looking for a fun way to stretch as a writer, or want to make writing the part of your profession, we've designed these workshops to add tools to your quiver as a writer.   The work will be applicable to film or stage, as well as any form of storytelling you may use in your life.


Each workshop is $50 and will run approximately 3hrs.
Each course can be taken independently or as a full four section course. 
Focused for adult writers, but high schoolers 16+ are welcome. 


Creating Dream Worlds

Saturday, March 18th, 2017- 10am

Lights go out, and lights come up.  A world is revealed.   It's not the world we inhabit; drama fails to respect time and space.  We jump from place to place, compress time, and see the machines of the gods' enter from the sky to save or doom all.  While these things would be disconcerting in our day to day lives, manipulating time and space is a requirement in drama.  A writer must be able to leverage the possibilities of form, while not alienating the audience.  This workshop will focus on the building of compelling and interesting worlds.


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Marrying of Form & Content

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 2pm

It is one thing to bring a story to the stage, another to use the tools of the stage to telling the story. Just as a poem about a train might use a rhythm of "chug chug", a play must keep its sense of the stage in its bones.  The use of objects and actions to create a metaphor of the stage is key to elevating your tale, from storytelling to drama. This is the hard work elevating craft to art.  Metaphor brings art to drama.  It is metaphor that communicates with our guts.


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Instructor Bio:
Martin Kettling is currently the General Manager at the Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte. In 2009, Martin was part of the team at The O'Neill which was awarded the Special Tony Award for Regional Theatre. His work there included literary management, dramaturgy, teaching and Google Apps Script developer.  He continues to teach dramatic writing at The O'Neill National Puppetry Conference, and The O'Neill was awarded, by President Obama, the National Arts Medal in 2016 for the company's contribution to the arts of the country.  As dramaturg, he has worked on new plays with Rachel Axler, Rebecca Gilman, Lauren Gunderson, Jennifer Haley, Deborah Zoe Laufer, Gregory Moss, Ursula Rani-Sarma, and Anne Washburn.  He has also supported the development of work by Julia Cho, Nilo Cruz, Jason Grote, and Jeff Whitty. At Arena Stage in Washington, DC, he assisted the world premiere of Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play, and served as writer’s assistant to Moisés Kaufman on 33 Variations.  Credits in puppetry include working as dramaturg on Leslie Cararra-Rudolph, and presenting his trunk show Air Piracy in Steppenwolf’s Garage. Martin has worked internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the International Chekhov Festival in Moscow, the University of Passau, Germany, and helped found the Baltic Playwrights Conference.   He is a graduate of Western Michigan University and serves as an emeritus member of the Board of Directors for The Ruckus Theater in Chicago.




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